IMG_0256-300x225Sunday Plus is unique!

  • It is not easy.
  • It is not glitzy.
  • Child develops internal Biblical road map.
  • Challenges children to think critically.
  • Biblical concepts are experienced, thus internalized.
  • No two Sundays are the same.
  • Tools for parents to continue discipling at home.
  • Family of God becomes essential.

Walking with the Triune God is a RELATIONSHIP. Because of the way children think it is easy for Children Pastors/Directors to put an emphasis on Doing or Knowing rather than Relationship. Sunday Plus continually points children towards a relationship with the Triune God. It is that growing relationship which puts within the child a desire to know more about God along with the desire and strength to obey.

Sunday Plus lays out a Biblical Road Map for kids to internalize and thus be only a thought away from truth through their life.

Children are concrete thinkers, Biblical concepts are abstract. It is the responsibility of children’s ministry leaders to teach according to how God hard-wired children to learn. In Sunday Plus we call it REALITY LEARNING — the kids actually experience the Biblical concept of the week.

No two Sundays are the same – yet they are. Children find security in sameness – while at the same time they get bored with sameness. Thus every Sunday there is a set order in what happens; however within that order presentations are different each Sunday. Besides a unique Reality Experience each Sunday the scripture is presented using different mediums each week. Each Sunday Different

Critical Thinking — the more children are challenged to critically think through the Biblical truth the more apt they are to own the truth.

Research shows the reason we are losing 70% of our church raised children is due to lack of intentional, individualistic discipleship, thus Sunday Plus is written to enable a church to provide each child a designated Discipler.  The Discipler knows if a child is internalizing the truths taught and applying them due to the intentional relationship that is built.

If children come to church on Sunday, hear God’s word and interact with it, then go home and Primary Disciplers never mention what the children were taught Sunday THE CHILDREN WILL MOST LIKELY NOT HAVE LEARNED ANYTHING. Deuteronomy 6 is lived out when the Family of God and the Nuclear Family (“O Israel”) intentionally walk through life together. To provide excellent child discipleship it is key for a church to have a Tag-Team Philosophy of Children’s Ministry.  

We believe that the Family of God must be pro-active in stimulating children to apply the truth they are learning.  This bolsters what the Primary Disciplers are doing at home.

Spiritual Life Skills are built into the curriculum – Scripture Memorization is a component to get the entire church involved with the children. Bucks and Banking teach children a Biblical foundation to use the resources God gives them. Building the habit 0f daily Bible reading and application.

Children learn through repetition – thus every gathering for a week dwells on the same scripture, the same spiritual truth; however it is presented in a different way at each gathering.


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