KidMin Leaders

A few thoughts just for you.

What Determines Your Philosophy of Ministry?

A Cry From The Heart 

Pray Without Ceasing

What Is Your Vision Of Children’s Ministry?

Who Do You Want A Child, Who Has Gone Through Your Ministry,
To Be When He Is 40?

What Type of Children’s Ministry Do You Have?

Do You Have A Graphic of Your Vision?

What Are Your Priorities For Your Children’s Ministry?

My Priorities For Children’s Ministry

Classroom or Club Room

Excellence In Ministry


 Leading So Children Will Internalize The Truth

How Children Learn

Reality Learning – A Sample Lesson

Kids Need A Biblical Road Map

Asking Good Questions

Challenging Children To Think Critically

Teaching The Whole Truth

Are the Kids in Your Children’s Ministry Being Equipped for Eternity?

Kids Need Vulnerable Adults

Spiritual Life Skills

Training Children to Develop a Biblical Worldview of Resources

Scripture Memorization All Church Plan

Mistakes We Might Make


Training Children To Be Legalistic

Do We Neglect to Prepare Kids for False Teachers?

Do We Use Technology Because It is Best For the Kids?

Don’t Withhold Information

More On Technology

Key Truths Kids Need

Salvation Terms

Presenting the Gospel To Children

The Trinity

Teaching The Children The Trinity

 Preparing Kids For A Day of Trouble

How Does the Old and New Testament Tie Together

Being Intentional In Ministry

Why It Takes A Church to Raise A Child

Tag Team – Primary Nurturers and the Body of Christ

Intentional Nursery Ministry

Every Child Can Be A Winner

Are You Intentional in Putting Feet To Your Kids’ Faith?

Training Your “Dsiciplers” to Build a Club Atmosphere

Beyond A Club To A Family

Are Your Children Emotionally Safe?

Do You Equip Your Adults to Know the Kids They Serve?

Train Disciplers to Share Their Own Story

Does Your Children’s Ministry Meet Real Needs Or Only Felt Needs?

A Must Tell Story

Child Discipleship and Recreation

What Is Child Discipleship?

Stimulating Children to Apply Truth

What Are You Doing To Equip Parents?

Equipping Parents

More on Equipping Parents

Pictures/Direct Ideas From Ministry

Helping Kids Develop An Internal Biblical Roadmap

A Sunday of Great Activity and Learning

Child Discipleship and Competition

Competition – Good or Bad?

Temptation To Create a Pseudo World For Kids

The Real World Is Filled With Competition

Competition Provides . . . #1 and #2

Competition Provides . . . #3 and #4

Guiding Children Through A Competitive World . . . #1, #2 and #3

Guiding Children Through A Competitive World  . . . #4 and #5  

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