Sunday Plus Curriculum

Sunday Plus is a Gospel-centered curriculum which guides a church towards intentional child discipleship. Use of “Specialists” and “Disciplers” enables adults to employ their giftedness as children internalize truth and deepen their relationship with Jesus and to the Body of Christ. Parents too are equipped to diligently disciple their children. All gatherings are age appropriate and filled with spiritual challenge, critical thinking and fun.

If you are not familiar with the Sunday Plus philosophy of ministry, read  Why Sunday Plus

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Sunday Plus Old Testament Scope and Sequence

Sunday Plus New Testament Scope and Sequence

Each week Sunday Plus includes five different gatherings — 3 for children, 1 for parents and 1 for home.

·         Kids’ Bible Focus (a mixture of large group, small group – changes from week to week)

·         Kids’ Corporate Worship  (worship in large group, debrief in small  group, recreation in large group)

·         Kids’ Midweek Celebration (review of facts, truth and application)

·         The Shema Focus (a parents gathering of study, support and accountability related to Child Discipleship)

·         Family Discipleship (a family activity/study, Spirit Moments ­— teachable moments, and a Parenting Tip)

Below are three samples of the curriculum

His Story Begins

Adam and Eve Sin – elementary 

Adam and Eve Sin – preschool

Pharaoh’s Purpose – To Show God Is All Powerful – elementary

Pharaoh’s Purpose – To Show God Is All Powerful – preschool

The Beatitudes

Prodigal Sons



Scripture Memorization Plan

Bucks and Banking

Daily Bible Reading

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  9. Ok…I will print out your sample and try it with the kids…THANKS

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  16. Reggie Madison says:

    We are in the process of developing a Children’s Church at a local church. I’d like to talk to someone and learn more about the program. Questions I have: The church would like to start with something that was 4 – 8 weeks with the possibility of continuing it into something more long term. Can Kidtrek – Sundayplus accomodate that or does something have to be purchased on the front one that is a longer commitment than 8 weeks?

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