Child Discipleship: Vat’s Da Meaning Of This?



When my children were still in preschool Joe and I were approached by the Associate Pastor of our church to put together a Children’s Worship Service – every other Sunday.

Joe and I would put together the outline of a service and on Thursday evening, a week before the service, Pastor Louie would come to our home to go over what we had planned. He would hear us out and then – time after time – he would slap the table and say,

“Vat’s da meaning of this! Vat’s da meaning of this!
You are doing this for the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
This isn’t worthy of the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
When it is worthy of the King of kings and Lord of lords I’ll be back.”

Pastor Louie, who was from Holland, taught me that what we do within the Body of Christ must be done with excellence because we aren’t doing it for the children, we aren’t doing it for the parents, we aren’t even doing it for the pastor and elders – we are doing it for the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

How often I’ve been in the midst of preparing something and am weary and I begin to think, “No one will notice.”

Then I hear, “Vats da meaning of this!”

How many curriculums are advertised as being easy? 

When I read those advertisements I hear, “Vat’s da meaning of this!”

How often I’ve had those I’m leading say, “Wanda they are just children – they won’t notice.” 

“Vat’s da meaning of this!” rings through my head.

I recently walked into a church’s children’s ministry and there were video games everywhere, it felt like I was in Dave and Busters. There was little connection between kids & kids let alone kids & adults.

“Vat’s da meaning of this!” rang through my head.

About Wanda

I have worked with children and families for over 40 years in both secular and Christian settings. • Following college I joined VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) and served in a migrant labor camp in Texas. • After VISTA I married Joe Parker. Joe was a Boy’s Club Director and we served in several inner city and barrio areas in So. California. • I served as Children’s Director and Family Pastor in three Orange County Churches. During this time I was a co—founder of CCMA • Right after the Los Angeles riots, and while serving as Family Pastor at Mariners Church in Newport Beach, Campus Crusade approached me to develop a reproducible ministry to reach children in inner city areas of America, known today as S.A.Y. Yes! Centers of America. • In 1998 I was invited along with 25 others, representing every continent of the world, to be part of a symposium in England. This was the initial gathering for the creation of a curriculum to equip people working with children living in difficult circumstances. Celebrating Children is taught today in Christian universities around the world. • In 2001 KidTrek was begun, a unique ministry to equip the Church to disciple children. Married for 47 years, I have three married children and eight grandchildren who walk with the Lord. The greatest gift a mother could ever have.
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