Child Discipleship: Beatitudes Reality Check

Each Sunday Plus Bible Focus lesson includes a Nook (Gathering Questions and opening game), a Reality Check (where the kids actually experience the concept), Hearing the Word (presentation and breaking down of the actual scripture)click here, and a Craft.

Find a Beatitudes Game to be used in a Midweek Gathering for review or for parents to use for Family Discipleship at home. Click here


(15 MT, have several Trek Teams participate together) 

Materials :    God Loves You Booklets (Click Here), toothpicks (round) snack size baggies, sticky paste not glue (if you can’t find sticky paste use flour playdough)


  • Reality Check today is going to be the presentation of the Gospel.
  • Only if one is a child of God are the Beatitudes able to be applied.
  • Application happens as the Holy Spirit transforms the individual’s heart.
  • You are doing the Gospel presentation so that you know that the kids who are present have some level of an understanding of the Gospel Message.
    • It does not mean that the Holy Spirit is moving them to accept it.
    • Don’t try and do the Holy Spirit’s job.(John 16: 7-11)
    • Only the Holy Spirit can open the kids’ eyes and hearts to the truth.
    • It is merely your job to present the truth.
  • Count out toothpicks and place in baggies – a baggie per kid.
  • Ask the person who will play the part of “Jesus” to practice adhering the toothpicks so he knows how he will do it.


  • Give each kid three round toothpicks.
  • Tell them they are to stack the toothpicks on top of each other.
    • Do not make any statement of a reward if they are able to get them to stack.
    • They are not to use glue or anything else to make them stick.
    • They are not to crisscross them.
    • They are to be stacked one on top of another.
  • Let them work at it for about 3-4 minutes.
    • You want them to get frustrated.
    • Keep encouraging them to try again.
  • Then have another adult come in and offer to help.
    • He goes to each kid and says, “I have what it takes to make these stick together, would you like me to fix it for you?”
    • Do not let them take the paste and do it themselves; the adult has to do it.
      • If they ask for the paste, tell them it is yours and you are not able to give it to anyone else to use on their own – it belongs only to you.
      • This is not about beauty or creating something that is utilizable, it is that the “savior” can do something they can’t.
      • Think through the amount of time needed to accomplish this if you have a large group.
        • You may want to break your group into smaller groups with a different “savior” for each small group.
        • Or use only two round tooth picks and move quickly through the group.
        • You also could begin during Nook, in the Gathering Time,having the kids put their sticks together then, giving the “savior” more time to go around to all the kids.
          • Do it with just one or two kids at a time as they enter.
      • Do not make any promise of a reward if they are fixed.
      • If they don’t care, move onto the next kid.
      • If they say “Yes,” then take the paste and adhere the toothpicks to each other.


  1. Each Trek Team sits on the floor and goes through the Discussion with the Discipler leading.
    1. As you go through everything be aware of the time.
  2. When you were told to stack the toothpicks did you think that you could do it? Why or why not?
  3. Why do you think you were asked to stack the toothpicks?
    You wanted them to experience something they couldn’t do. It was a useless activity there was no way they could it.
  4.  How did you feel when ­name of person offered to make them stick?
  5. Did you want to do it yourself? How did you feel if you asked to use the paste yourself and he wouldn’t let you?
  6. Give each one a “God Loves You” booklet. (Click here to download booklet)
    1. Tell them that this booklet explains how they can join God’s Family.
    2. Tell them that if they haven’t done so before and want to know more to ask about it in Chat ‘n Chew.
    3. Do not plan to spend time going through it at this time. Most of the kids have probably been through it several times already.
  7. Being good enough to pay the price for our sins is something we just can’t do ourselves. We must humble ourselves and surrender to Jesus. 


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I have worked with children and families for over 40 years in both secular and Christian settings. • Following college I joined VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) and served in a migrant labor camp in Texas. • After VISTA I married Joe Parker. Joe was a Boy’s Club Director and we served in several inner city and barrio areas in So. California. • I served as Children’s Director and Family Pastor in three Orange County Churches. During this time I was a co—founder of CCMA • Right after the Los Angeles riots, and while serving as Family Pastor at Mariners Church in Newport Beach, Campus Crusade approached me to develop a reproducible ministry to reach children in inner city areas of America, known today as S.A.Y. Yes! Centers of America. • In 1998 I was invited along with 25 others, representing every continent of the world, to be part of a symposium in England. This was the initial gathering for the creation of a curriculum to equip people working with children living in difficult circumstances. Celebrating Children is taught today in Christian universities around the world. • In 2001 KidTrek was begun, a unique ministry to equip the Church to disciple children. Married for 47 years, I have three married children and eight grandchildren who walk with the Lord. The greatest gift a mother could ever have.
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